Gamifying an Animated Series

We're combining two things you love; cartoons and games. The Asteroid Diner mobile game allows you to play along as the main character while you watch our animated series. Can you survive season 1?

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Animated series

Filled with strange adventures and stranger characters, Asteroid Diner takes you on a trip around an asteroid belt in search of the 10 original bacteria of the universe.

Can Dexter and Kita find all 10? Is he willing to do what is necessary to contract all 10? Can he survive the side effects? And most importantly, Why the f@ck is he  purposely contracting deadly bacteria in the first place?


Dexter, Kita and our little Robohelper are the main stars.
Although, we felt needed to add Bear here as he has an affinity for revenge. And the general, well, we woke up with him here one day and never questioned it.


As typical as a Neurodiagnostic Technologist can be.
A company man until he was pinned for the Medical Space Corporation’s huge mistake. With all of his assets frozen, including his family by the bank’s cryonics department, Dexter needs to transform from a “yes man” to a cunning, assertive adventurer.


A veteran of the Private Military Space Corporation. Kita grew up in a masculine society of warriors, making her tough, insensitive, and uncompromising. Her father failed to admit her to the Elite Royal Guard. Kita’s military implants are slowly failing due to subscription fee non-payments. Kita needs money, and fast.


Bartender's robot assistant, former dishwasher who now serves cocktails. Logical, emotionally stable, even tempered, nerdish and bland. Speaks with a Mexican accent.


Created on the DNA Toys asteroid from the drawing of some random kid, Bear transforms from a toy to not being toyed with. And all because of a single dog.


General of the Corporation. Leader of the Elite Royal Guard. He's responsible for who Kita is and has become. Didn't add him to the site. We woke up and he was here. We're afraid to remove him

Play as the main character

Each player receives a “Dexter“, a base card of the cartoon's main character, and 70 item, which are used to help Dexter survive the side effect of each new bacteria.

In each episode, Dexter is trying to contract the next bacteria and figure out how to neutralize the side effects of the current bacteria.

At the end of each episode, Dexter and the viewer see a riddle on how to mitigate the new side effect in the next episode. The viewer needs to solve that riddle to understand which item they need to activate on their player card.

Activate the correct items and “your Dexter” transforms into something nice. Choose the incorrect items and the Dexter on your character card gets sicker and sicker. Fail to mitigate the side effects of 4 bacteria, and your Dexter will die. The goal is to keep your Dexter alive throughout season 1.

diner Dinner party

Jacob Brubaker


CEO of Asteroid Diner. Helped reach 2M+ users; Founded SpeakEasy English Network - provided services for 3 of the 5 biggest IT companies in UA.

Mitya Shmurak


Director of many music videos, including with Ed Sheeran, several TV series, commercials and author of several Ukrainian animated TV

Ivan Melashenko


Producer & screenwriter known for feature film “Amber Cops” (2021), now available on Netflix and animated sitcom “Danger zone” (2019-2021).


Ep. 5 ready

January 10, 2023

Ep. 4 ready

December 19, 2023

Ep. 6 ready


Ep. 7 & 8 ready


70 game items ready

September 8, 2023

Ep. 3 ready

November 10, 2023

Pilot ready

September 14, 2023

Ep. 2 ready

October 10, 2023

Dexter card art ready

November 29, 2023